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Barbecue Flare Ups: What’s the Big Deal Anyway?

By posted March 10th, 2016 at 4:46 PM
Barbecue flare ups

If you frequently visit barbecue websites and blogs, you are probably aware of barbecue flare-ups and WHY they should be avoided.  But in case you need a refresher or if you are not as diligent about keeping up on the latest barbecue literature, let’s break it down:

What are Barbecue Flare-Ups?

Flare-ups are sudden bursts of intense flames on the cooking surface, typically occurring where food is located.  They are caused by fats and juices making contact with your burners flames, and other BBQ parts under intense heat.  The result, quick flashes of fire that make contact with your food, or engulf your food, turning into something inedible and unrecognizable.  

“So what. Isn’t that what barbecuing is all about?” You ask.  Well, no, not exactly….

Think about the best Master Griller you know.  Someone you would never decline a barbecue invitation from.   Now, think about how they grill.  Do they constantly adjust the BBQs controls? Do they actively shift food around the cook surface to get an even cook?  Do they trim the fat off of foods before grilling?  If you answered yes to any of the above, then you have experienced a Master Griller who has learned to avoid the pitfalls of Flare-Up fires, and remains glued to the grill to ensure that their meals turn out well.

Do you see what we are getting at?

Reasons to AVOID flare-ups:

  1. Even cook surface temperatures: reducing flare-ups will reduce hot spots on the grill, resulting in an even cook surface temperature.   This makes grilling evenly cooked food much EASIER, without the constant balance act that grilling feels like, when you have to shift food around all the time.
  2. Safer barbecue experience: uncontrollable sudden bursts of flames are dangerous and can be frightening.  Eliminating flare-ups results in the safest grilling experience.
  3. Tastier Food: No more burnt or over cooked foods!  You’ll be able to enjoy the smoky barbecue taste without the black bitter tasting char.
  4. Healthier Food: less char and less smoke means less unsafe carcinogens in foods.
  5. Less smoke: have you ever tried to look directly at the grill and breathe when your steak is engulfed in flames?  Enough said.

As you can see, barbecue flare-ups need to be avoided!  This is why over the last two years we have worked so hard to create the new Coleman® Revolution™ Barbecues with Flare Free Technology™.   Check out this video below to see the difference Flare Free Technology™ makes!


Coleman Even Heat Barbecues

Coleman Even Heat Barbecues

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