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Marinating BBQ Main Dishes with Wine

By posted July 15th, 2014 at 3:14 PM
marinating with wine

Skill testing question: how many different ways can you use wine at your typical barbecue party?

I asked my guests last week just as we were winding down our customary Canada Day BBQ.  Most answer sounded like; “Drink it, sip it, guzzle it, shoot it, as a wine spritzer, sangria,” etc…

Of course, when asked the majority of people automatically jump to the conventional drinking of wine, but there are many other ways that wine will add to your BBQ.

Did you know that marinating your favourite cut of beef with some good wine and a few spices can totally enhance your taste of that particular dish?  As you can tell, one of my personal favourites is using wine to marinate your meat.

The trick is to find the right spices to meld with the wine you choose.  Try some of these easy wine marinade suggestions on your next BBQ menu:

Marinating Steak

Marinate your flank steaks in a plastic bag with a few cups of your favourite Cabernet, two whole sprigs of fresh Rosemary, a little garlic, a little mustard and a few drops of good olive oil.  Rest the meat and marinade in the fridge for 6 to 24 hours.  When you are ready, remove the meat from the bag and deposit directly onto your hot grill.  Delizioso!

Marinating White Meat

Marinate your chicken,  lamb, or rabbit meat with a dry white wine of your choice.  Using a bag, add two cups of your favourite dry wine, garlic, paprika, salt and pepper and voila!  A few hours in the ice box to set and get ready to grill the most tantalizing and tenderized meat dish.

Marinating Salmon

You can even use wine with your fish!  One of my favourite marinating tricks: when barbecuing salmon filet or salmon steaks in an aluminum pouch, gently pry open the pouch two minutes before completion, add a splash of white wine, a lemon slice, and reseal the pouch for the final two minutes…Magnifico!

Trust me, your guests will yell BRAVO


Amato De Civita

Amato De Civita

Amato De Civita is the President of Wine Awakenings, a market leader in the field of wine education and makers of the most unique and prestigious line of wine aroma kits and wine tutorial kits.