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So You Think You Like Burnt Food?

By posted March 11th, 2016 at 10:29 AM
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“But I like the taste of char…”

If we had a nickel for every time we heard this comment about burnt food, from our friends and family, as we developed Flare-Free Technology™ ,we would be set-up to retire!   As you may have guessed, we love barbecues and talking grilling. Throughout our discussions with every griller we know, we not only determined that flare-ups were the biggest pain point, but there was also a belief that flare-ups were NECESSARY for that delicious barbecue taste.   So…we dug further into this…

“Char is the taste of barbecue.”

“The whole point of grilling is to get grill marks?”

“Flare-ups give the meat the barbecue flavour.”

“Char makes the meat taste good.”

“Food won’t taste as good without grill marks”

“You need flare-ups to get grill marks.”

And finally it dawned on us!  People were confusing the char of burnt food with caramelized crust/sear marks that appear on meat during grilling.  Further, they also believed the source of the barbecue taste was the char itself and truly believed that flare-ups, which created the char, were responsible for the true barbecue taste they loved.

And so, we’d like to set the record straight:

Char is the result of flare-ups.  It is the black, chalky texture that makes the side of a piece of meat resembles a coal.  When rubbed, bits can flake off.

Caramelization is a golden to dark brown color crust that develops when meat is in direct contact with a hot grate (through conduction) and is what ideal sear marks are made of.   It is a crust, and will not flake when rubbed.

Char is bitter tasting, and whether your are cooking meat or vegetables, it will always taste the same – like burnt toast.

Caramelization will taste differently across different foods, as it is the result of the heat from the grate changing the structure of proteins, amino acids, fats, and sugars unique to the food, into new delicious flavours.  This is the “barbecue taste” that people love.

So you see folks, by eliminating flare ups we are eliminating the bitter char on burnt food,  allowing the caramelized flavors- “the true barbecue taste” to shine through – resulting in perfectly cooked meals every time.  If you are one of those folks who “loves char” – trust us, Caramelization is better!

Don’t believe us? We invited our friends and family, who fought us on this point, to a BBQ. See what they had to say about the taste of the meat of the Coleman® Revolution™!



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